Friday, February 27, 2009


I'm getting near the end of my rotating internship (insanity) and will find out on Monday if I matched for a residency (craziness). I've been away (way away) from my home for a long time now and I feel the anticipation of going back growing now that I'm past the half-way mark. Even better is the fact that my specialty rotation is fast approaching and I have plans to get away for a while; yes, I'll still be working but sometimes just away is a vacation. I'm only worried that they will pull the rug from under my feet when I least expect it and I will find all of my anticipation is for naught i.e. I'm afraid they'll suddenly change my schedule again and prevent my escape. Only when I'm on the road speeding away from here will I breathe a true sigh of relief.

Everyone is convinced I'm crazy because I've already started packing my car for the trip. I'm on overnights and don't have much time and the trip is only 2.5 weeks away (sounds good as an excuse doesn't it?) I've also determined that since I'll only have 13 weeks left when I get back (yes, I could also bore you with the days and maybe even the hours if you wanted) that there are some things with which I can do without for the remainder of the internship. These things are being packed as well. As further proof of my insanity, I'm seriously considering taking my children (read fuzzy four-legged) with me to work on my last overnight (a 16 hour shift) and hitting the road immediately after rounds for the 18 hour drive home. Yes, I know it's crazy but that just shows how much I need to be home for a little while!!!

At the moment, I keep thinking of that short story (although I cannot remember the name at the moment) where part of the torture is the hope of escape. Just when the main character thinks he has succeeded, he is stopped and realizes that his captors have been using hope to torture him. Perhaps I am over-dramatizing but that is my current perspective.

I get to visit Can'tSpell during this time also since she is being kind enough to host me during one week of my rotation and we are going to a tiny little restaurant that serves the best steak I've ever tasted in my life. NO, I will not reveal where it is because then people might discover it and ruin the whole place. It is in the middle of nowhere and beats the steak in the big city any day. For some reason she seems to have the strange idea that I will somehow torture her during that time with a practical joke...just can't figure out what makes her think such things.

Looking forward to my escape and running away as fast as I can;)


Purple Stinky Onion said...

good luck doc,....i love your name, by the way....head for the hills and don't look back...that is my theory! is too short!

Dr. May B. Insane said...

Thanks, I need all the luck I can get!! Sometimes it's a good thing to run away.