Monday, February 2, 2009


Wow, declare that people are stupid and lots of people comment! :) Which we all knew, anyway. I see that Dr. May B. Insane has at least gotten around to signing into the blog, although she has yet to post. (Now she'll come and toilet paper my living room.) Not much going on here today, just same 'ole same 'ole. Vaccines, derm, vaccines, derm, derm, derm, derm. I feel like I have a pretty good grounding in derm, I learned a lot in school and I have fairly good luck with it in practice. Doesn't help though when I can't figure out why my own cat is licking herself bald (non-steroid responsive, DTM neg, food trial neg, I STILL think she is grooming...). Hope you all have a good week, I'll try to post a funny story next.


Xtine said...

When my cat was licking herself bald, it turned out that she was allergic to my shampoo. And steroid shots helped for only a couple of hours each time.

/my $0.02

randompawses said...

Huh. I assume you've considered that the licking could be of psychological rather than physiological origin? We have one that's licked a nearly-bald spot on one of her front legs - looks like she's been shaved for a blood draw, but she hasn't been. I'm thinking it's because she (and the other cats) have had to be confined to a single (large) room for extended periods over the last two months. (Food, water, litter boxes, warmth, sofa cushions to lie on, shelves to climb, room to roam . . . it's not exactly a prison cell!)

June Cleaver said...

By big red cat used to "mow" his belly. No allergies. He just groomed until all that was left was a fine layer of what felt like suede. He really was a "Big" red cat, at about 18 pounds and was an intact male tom when I adopted him. He had that beat up stray kind of look. Anyway, I used to love to flip him on his back and rub the big fuzz covered Buddah belly. I can't say he really enjoyed it but he tolerated it enough that I never needed a ER visit.

Damn I miss that stupid cat. point...have you thought of trying a wee bit of valium. Since you eliminated an allergen maybe it's a behavioral/obesessive/calming/psychological thing.

Anonymous said...

I have a siamese/tabby cross who I have had since he was a kitten and he does the same thing. I say he is my neurotic cat! LOL. He just sits and grooms his fat body. He is a healthy fat cat but he doesn't like all the commotion in the house so he licks his belly clean. :) I had a calico who did that too. I think it's behaviorial.

ChloeB said...

Yep, our cat is an anxious over-groomer too.
He's a big black altered tom who licks his belly until its almost bald (very noticable on a black cat with white skin). He was on anti-anxiety meds for a while which worked, and all the hair grew back.
It still tends to flair up again for a while when he gets stressed (trips to the cattery, new baby in the house, etc.), and then when things calm down again it seems to resolve itself.